Legal Shield Pre-Paid Legal Services

Bob Moore Personal Story

 I have been a member of Legal Shield since March 18, 2000 and I have used Legal Shield Legal Services many times and in several different States. 

Most States $19.95 per month for Legal Advice and Legal Help

Month-to month services  - no long term contracts

Trucker Program

If you drive a truck or own a truck, you need this protection.

Small Business Plan

As a small business owner you need legal help and legel advise.


Employee Benefit Program - Another service we offer is Employee Benefit Program for Legal Shield - Pre-Paid Legal Services.

 A great service without costing the Employer a penny. The cost to your employees is less than $20 monthly, *in most States. 

Gun Owners Supplement


Know your rights and back it up with our attorneys.


Also available is  

Identity Theft Plan

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